Ingress & TLS

Data Mechanics Helm chart can deploy an ingress and set up TLS if configured.

In the values.yaml file of the chart, the following block controls this capability:

enabled: false
enabled: false

ingress.enabled toggles the ingress while ingress.tls.enabled toggles the TLS protocol.

Setting TLS requires adding a certificate secret to the data-mechanics namespace and reference it in ingress.tls.certificateSecretName. We recommend cert-manager to manage certificates on your Kubernetes cluster.

Here's a complete setup for ingress & TLS using secret ingress-cert in namespace data-mechanics and domain

helm install data-mechanics data-mechanics.tgz \
--namespace data-mechanics \
--set customerKey=<your-customer-key> \
--set ingress.enabled=true \
--set ingress.tls.enabled=true \
--set ingress.tls.certificateSecretName=ingress-cert \

If your ingress is exposed to the internet, it is highly recommended to set up Authentication on your cluster.